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The Northern Virginia Alliance League (NVAL) is a group of forty-two women dedicated to aiding local nonprofits with financial support through our fundraising activities. 

Established in 1957, NVAL has raised and distributed over $900,000 to more than two dozen local nonprofit organizations serving the areas of health, affordable housing, food assistance, human services, education, employment and the arts. 

Northern Virginia Alliance League (NVAL) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our primary fundraiser is our annual Holiday Luncheon and fashion show in early December, followed by our secondary “Phantom Party” fundraiser in the spring. 

Our History

The group was originally formed in 1957, with twenty-eight members, as a circle of the Florence Crittenton Home and Hospital on Reservoir Road in the District of Columbia. At that time all energies were directed toward support of the Florence Crittenton program for care of unwed mothers and their babies. When the home was closed and sold in 1982, the circle members decided to reorganize and direct their future interests and activities to assist Northern Virginia charities and selected the name of Northern Virginia Assistance League. In October 1998, NVAL received the Arlington Community Hero Award for the time and dedication given to community services by the organization. In 1999, the name was changed to Northern Virginia Alliance League due to copyright conflict. Since then, NVAL has served the Northern Virginia Community by raising funds through annual fundraisers and distributing over $900,000 to more than two dozen local nonprofits serving the community.



Mary-Anne Liles

Vice President
Tina Papamichael

Ellie Mack

Melissa O’Gorman


Community Charity Committee Chair

Lauri Willner

Fundraising Events Committee Chairs

Holiday Luncheon

Fernanda Fisher
Mary Ellen Matheson

Phantom Party


Other Committee Chairs

Laura McGinnis

Sarah Moore

Jennifer DeGross

Catherine Terry

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For more information about NVAL, please contact us at nvalinfo@gmail.com or PO Box 5165, Arlington, VA 22205.

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